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D is for….. Desert-ed (a prose)



Across the sand I see your footsteps;
ahead of me I see you standing, clothes flapping in the wind.

The heat singes my face; my hair clings to the nape of my neck; sand picks up in a cloud and flies through the air.

For a moment I am blinded.

Your figure obscured and lost in the cloud. When it finally settles, I see you are walking away from me. I try to walk, but cant move my feet; the sand has buried me up to my knees.

I struggle and pull.

I frantically claw at the dirt that falls back into place like powder.

I look up….. straining to see you.

My throat begins to knot up; tears well up in my eyes; from the corners of my eyes mud flows like molten lava down my face. My tears burn; they dig crevasses into my cheeks.

The wind picks up and more sand envelopes me.

The Sun, so bright and hot pierces my skin; He digs at me body and spoons out my life.

I am now buried up to my chest. The pressure is so heavy; my heart beats fast, then faster; I have given up trying to breathe and just allow my body to do as it will.

I can still see a shadowy figure moving ahead of me. I try to call out to it but I only cough up dust; my throat is so dry; my mouth is as hot as the desert sands.

I look around one more time, looking for any sight of life, anything to memorize and take with me. I look for some comforting thing in my final minutes to live. I look around and all I see is desert, rolling hills of red sand and nothingness.

This place looks so dead and depressing; then I notice the heat waves. The heat waves dance in all merriment. They dance with such grace and finesse; The cacti that I finally spot, flourish and find a way to thrive in such a horrid terrain.

I see a salamander scamper directly in front of my eyes, he looks at me and blinks, knowingly.
He tells me he understands.
Understands what?, I don’t know.

I close my eyes and try again to cry, but the tears, they are gone; stolen by His breath.

I close my eyes and speak, in my head.
I ask you why you left me here to die. Why did you leave me.

“I saw you, I was coming to you, why did you leave me?”

And you answer, “My dear, dear child, my woman, my mother, my Priestess, how could you think I left you? Can you not see me, I am here”

I open my eyes to see the person behind the voice I hear, but no one is there.
“Where!!, where are you?!” my hoarse and sandy voice spoke out.

“OPEN YOUR EYES!!! OPEN YOUR HEART!!! Look at me!!! Can you truly not see me? Can you truly not feel me? Do you not know me? And I dare to call you my Priestess!! I have been here the whole time. I did not leave you, YOU came to ME!! I graciously welcomed you into my home and you disrespect me this way?!”

I can no longer open my eyes and see the desert around me.

I see nothing…nothing but darkness.

But… now… now I feel a cool moisture begin to wrap around my scorched body;

I feel small tinges of life sprout from my feet and seek out the source of this moisture.

AH, I have found it; A wonderfully cool stream underground.

I can see the roots of those cacti from earlier, and burrows from small animals dug out through the walls of the cavern.

“Oh my Lady, forgive me. I beg of your forgiveness.”

“No forgiveness is needed to be asked for, my Priestess. I never left your side. You asked me to wait for you, and I did. You asked me to speak with you, and I am. You must open your heart and your mind AS WELL AS your eyes my child. I am not only that which resides on the surface, nor am I only that which you can see. To find the true nature of Me and your Lord, you must look beyond….this is true for your fellow man as well. Stay here child, stay here and rest. Let yourself go and allow me to heal your mind. You are within me and I am your Lady. In my womb I create, but here I also heal. Stay here. Feed off of my stream. Heal your heart and mind. Follow the example of the cacti and the tree. Grow steady and strong like the tree, but know your strengths and the distances you must go to reach your dreams such as the cacti. Now sleep, sleep my Priestess and awaken with a new sight, live your life, carry out my bidding and always return to my well and drink from my stream when you need.”


C is for…..Common Sense


Common Sense…overrated or undervalued? I really wish more people used their common sense, it is built within us, in our brains in our DNA….its just not accessing and employing it that people seriously lack.
Really….these fanatical dooms day preppers kinda go over board in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, being prepared and being ready for anything is one thing…but these prophesies of doom that are supposed to happen every 500-5000 years, YEAR after YEAR are getting ridiculous. If you are so intent on believing that the world is going to go “KAPLOOIE!!!!” just because some old guy said so some thousands of years ago, why is it so hard to listen to proven fact that is called SCIENCE as well. If our world, this Earth were going to end, we would know about it WELL in advance. Yes, there are those crazy Super Nova explosions or Gamma Ray bursts but hell, we would STILL KNOW. COMMON SENSE would tell you that there would be enough signs out there to tell us it was coming. Meteors? Well we now have high tech gadgets that can find that stuff….don’t trust our government to let us know?, download the app that will help you track them and their distances. (not sure the apps really exist, that was just a sarcastic outburst) Common Sense people. Plant life, animal life, our planet Herself tells us when things are going on here at home as well as out there in space. (to clarify so I don’t get a bunch of hate mail, Preppers are great, got a few as friends, but I don’t like the fanatics….of any kind to be honest; or the Apocalyptians. Those are who I refer to here)
I won’t even continue to rant on about that but just go into my next COMMON SENSE pet peave…Religious bigotry and idiocy. COMMON SENSE would tell just about anyone that Magick is only real to a point. Yes, I am Wiccan. Yes, I do believe in magick. Yes, I do practice Witchcraft….but I wish some idiots would please pull their heads from the fourth points of contact and wake the hell up!!! No matter how hard my daughter tries she cannot get her wand to change her borhter into a toad, me into the Mad Hatter or herself into a mermaid. No matter how hard my daughter wishes, she will never be able to step into water and automatically turn into a mermaid like the show H2O. No matter how many times my son “swishes and flicks” he will not be able to get his Lego creations to levitate. They are children, they are learning how to use their common sense and separate real life from fantasy. Although I have no problem with living in the fantasy world since I sometimes prefer it as well, there is a difference.
Use COMMON SENSE before you decide I/we are evil people, hell, use it before you judge ANYONE different from you. COMMON SENSE tells us all to love indifferently and unconditionally….not judgmentally. COMMON SENSE would tell you that there have been many different religions, faiths, spiritualities followed all through time and that there always will be. COMMON SENSE would tell you that The Great Spirit, no matter what you call it or how you see it, NEVER wants us to commit such atrocities on each other in “It’s” name for means of power. Yes, I only put one word, Power. That is all it ever really amounts up to. Money; fame; notoriety; love; hate… all is Power. I not only speak of those outside my religion, but to those within my religious realm as well. We are all brothers and sisters. We all walk a path of little but growing acceptance. COMMON SENSE would tell you to walk with each other hand in hand sharing and celebrating in each others differences….not tearing each other down and trying to gain the “highest” seat among our peers. COMMON SENSE would tell you to pump your damn breaks and realize that you were all pushed this way in many similar fashions and so you are not all that different. COMMON SENSE……
But alas, not everyone has accessed their little pocket of COMMON SENSE and probably never will. And of those who have accessed it, few will ever employ. I implore of those who read this to please access your COMMON SENSE and see what it is truly telling you… probably wont be what you think.

B is for…..Belief


What do you believe in? How do you know it is a belief and not fact? Is there really a difference between the two?

I’m not really here to debate all that, just wanted to get the brain juices flowing….for me, to be honest. Belief is a very strong way of thinking. Many wars have erupted simply because of beliefs, either the difference in or the agreement of, between two separate sides. Belief really is an everyday conscious goings on. In today’s world, it is not necessary to drag your ass out of bed to survive if you don’t want to….just look at our social services programs….but again, that is another blogger’s realm. Going back to that example of getting your ass out of bed…..if you don’t believe you have any reason to crawl out of bed, then you wont; although back in the day there were MANY reasons to get up beginning with harvesting your crops so your family would survive. The belief that your family would suffer if you did not was motivation enough to move yourself.

For me, belief is a very SACRED thing.

To be honest, I am one of those who struggles with the “pulling my ass out of bed”. I sometimes find it hard to find the belief that there is anything worth getting up and taking care of….short of taking care of my children. They are, more than most of the time, the only reason for me to do so. Some can also relate this simply to psychiatric “issues” as well….call it what you will….

this still does not cover Belief as Sacred to me. Let me get to that point before I run in any more circles here…..

Having a belief is like having a set of core moral/ethics or reasons for doing something; the definition of belief is to accept something as true or real. For me, I accept my religious beliefs and the morals/ethics I find inherent in them as true and real. Ask any of my friends, or anyone who truly knows me and they will tell you that my religious/spiritual practices are my life and make up a large portion of who I am. This is why I feel that Beliefs are Sacred. I mean, you could argue that…
“Of Course They’re Sacred!!!! It is something you believe to be true, so why wouldn’t it be sacred?!!”
Very easily….there are some out there who take on certain beliefs to “fit in” or to keep from “rocking the boat”. There are those who hold beliefs because others have them; because they have been coerced into believing they, too, hold those beliefs as their own; or by way of many other instances. These people have not searched for and found the reasons for these beliefs in their heart and souls. Yes, they have accepted them as true and no harm in that, but they have not done it out of the journeying to find this truth within themselves. They have taken on the beliefs, or agreements, as a cop-out, and easy way out of doing any true self soul work, and also found a scapegoat for themselves, within themselves for acting on something that they do not inherently believe deep within.
This is why I say Beliefs are Sacred. To me, beliefs are not some fly by the night, wisps of smoke type of thing. Beliefs are who you are, and what you are. If you carry beliefs that are not truly yours from your soul, then who the hell are you …..really?

….TRUE Beliefs are so very individual and so very unique that they can never be some one else’s.

….TRUE Beliefs are those that you hold dear to you, that nobody for no reason could ever change within your world.

….TRUE Beliefs are Sacred because they are who and what you truly are, at the core of You.

Journey with Pagan Blog Project….


As you read in the previous post, I’ve fallen way behind in the whole posting realm. I just seemed to feel way to overwhelmed and let some of my ever juggling glass balls drop. Well Im back. Yay!!

I want to say something about my posts and how they relate to Pagan Blog Project. You may notice that some of my posts may not seem like they relate too much to my path, views or religion….BUT they highly correlate to my religious beliefs and beliefs of life in general.

I feel as if you cannot truly seperate religion from everyday life. I have tried for far too long to fit my religion/sprituality into my everyday life, and completely ignored fitting my everyday life into my religion/spirituality. I have found it hard to adapt if I’m not on top of both flows of energy.

So my blogs may seem a bit mundane to some, but trust me….look hard enough and with your heart and you will find the magick within each one.

Balance Imbalanced….


So, I really thought blogging woudl be a great idea. I went out and tried to find things to blog about, even signed up for a blogging project. But, I soon fell off the horse. I got way overwhelmed way too soon. I have my reasons, which I will soon share but not today. I have done a lot of work recently and think Im finally headed in the right direction with things, so here I am, back on the horse and ready for a nice ride.