B is for…..Belief


What do you believe in? How do you know it is a belief and not fact? Is there really a difference between the two?

I’m not really here to debate all that, just wanted to get the brain juices flowing….for me, to be honest. Belief is a very strong way of thinking. Many wars have erupted simply because of beliefs, either the difference in or the agreement of, between two separate sides. Belief really is an everyday conscious goings on. In today’s world, it is not necessary to drag your ass out of bed to survive if you don’t want to….just look at our social services programs….but again, that is another blogger’s realm. Going back to that example of getting your ass out of bed…..if you don’t believe you have any reason to crawl out of bed, then you wont; although back in the day there were MANY reasons to get up beginning with harvesting your crops so your family would survive. The belief that your family would suffer if you did not was motivation enough to move yourself.

For me, belief is a very SACRED thing.

To be honest, I am one of those who struggles with the “pulling my ass out of bed”. I sometimes find it hard to find the belief that there is anything worth getting up and taking care of….short of taking care of my children. They are, more than most of the time, the only reason for me to do so. Some can also relate this simply to psychiatric “issues” as well….call it what you will….

this still does not cover Belief as Sacred to me. Let me get to that point before I run in any more circles here…..

Having a belief is like having a set of core moral/ethics or reasons for doing something; the definition of belief is to accept something as true or real. For me, I accept my religious beliefs and the morals/ethics I find inherent in them as true and real. Ask any of my friends, or anyone who truly knows me and they will tell you that my religious/spiritual practices are my life and make up a large portion of who I am. This is why I feel that Beliefs are Sacred. I mean, you could argue that…
“Of Course They’re Sacred!!!! It is something you believe to be true, so why wouldn’t it be sacred?!!”
Very easily….there are some out there who take on certain beliefs to “fit in” or to keep from “rocking the boat”. There are those who hold beliefs because others have them; because they have been coerced into believing they, too, hold those beliefs as their own; or by way of many other instances. These people have not searched for and found the reasons for these beliefs in their heart and souls. Yes, they have accepted them as true and no harm in that, but they have not done it out of the journeying to find this truth within themselves. They have taken on the beliefs, or agreements, as a cop-out, and easy way out of doing any true self soul work, and also found a scapegoat for themselves, within themselves for acting on something that they do not inherently believe deep within.
This is why I say Beliefs are Sacred. To me, beliefs are not some fly by the night, wisps of smoke type of thing. Beliefs are who you are, and what you are. If you carry beliefs that are not truly yours from your soul, then who the hell are you …..really?

….TRUE Beliefs are so very individual and so very unique that they can never be some one else’s.

….TRUE Beliefs are those that you hold dear to you, that nobody for no reason could ever change within your world.

….TRUE Beliefs are Sacred because they are who and what you truly are, at the core of You.


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