Journey with Pagan Blog Project….


As you read in the previous post, I’ve fallen way behind in the whole posting realm. I just seemed to feel way to overwhelmed and let some of my ever juggling glass balls drop. Well Im back. Yay!!

I want to say something about my posts and how they relate to Pagan Blog Project. You may notice that some of my posts may not seem like they relate too much to my path, views or religion….BUT they highly correlate to my religious beliefs and beliefs of life in general.

I feel as if you cannot truly seperate religion from everyday life. I have tried for far too long to fit my religion/sprituality into my everyday life, and completely ignored fitting my everyday life into my religion/spirituality. I have found it hard to adapt if I’m not on top of both flows of energy.

So my blogs may seem a bit mundane to some, but trust me….look hard enough and with your heart and you will find the magick within each one.


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